Noob needs a lil help :)

The gear.
Wahoo kickr snap
Garmin Fenix 5x
Garmin Connect on iOS
Zwift running on AppleTV

The problem. (Well two problems)
I want to use my fenix5x as my heart rate monitor. And have that recognized by the Zwift (or) Wahoo.
When I start my fenix on a “indoor cycle” mode and start using my Kickr, they both upload to Garmin Connect (which is messy) and I get two seperate data dumps. The heart rate from my fenix. And all the other gear from my wahoo kickr snap.
There has to be a better way???

Thank you for advance and for not flaming me for the thousand other threads with this question in it (I did look :).

Is there a reason you’re running Garmin Connect in the first place? I’m not very familiar with the Fenix, but if it’s picked up by Zwift on AppleTV via Bluetooth (I *think* the 5x is BT *and* ANT+, right?) - then you really shouldn’t need Garmin Connect for anything. I use it with my Edge 810 gps for ‘real world’ rides but only for the Live Track functionality and as a link to Strava. Beyond that, it’s always seemed kinda klunky to me and not very useful. I never use it for indoor rides, since all the data I need is captured directly by Zwift and synced to Strava so I can track it all there.

I can’t seem to get fenix to sync with Zwift and aTV. Yes it’s BT and ANT+
I use Connect because it display my step counter heart rate calories in/out and I’ll my exercise - runs cycle, swim. Connect works well for me, and it’s free.
I just need to lift the HR data from the fenix and have that sync with the Zwift/wahoo workout data. Does that make sense?

You would be better off with a duel band HRM link a Wahoo Tickr, then you could connect it to your Garmin and Zwift at the same time. A wrist based HRM is less accurate then a chest strap.

I think the Fenix broadcast it’s HR in ANT+, so it will not connect to ATV without something to bridge the signal.

Hi TJ,

I concur with Paul. If you’re determined to use the Fenix 5x with Zwift, you may want to invest in one of the following two supported devices to bridge the ANT+ signal to Zwift on your Apple TV, which only accepts BLE pairings: