Garmin venu won’t connect to Zwift on Apple TV

can’t get my garmin venu watch to connect to Zwift on Apple TV. I have put it on broadcast mode but it never finds it. I use broadcast mode to connect it to my Garmin 820 so I know the watch works. I’ve made sure my garmin 820 is off so it doesn’t try to connect to that. Does anyone know how to fix it?

I have the controllable paired, speed sensor, and the cadence sensor and I have the wahoo kikr from 2018

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Garmin broadcast a ANT+ signal, Apple TV is Bluetooth only.

some garmin devices transmit via Bluetooth now too - not sure if it has rolled out to the Venue though

edit - it seems as though it isn’t

" Supported watches: Garmin Forerunner 245, Forerunner 945, Fenix 6 Series (it might also work with the Tactix Charlie and Quatix 6 Series, but I don’t have either)"

Okay, I’m honestly a dummy when it comes to computers. So is there a way to use my venu through the Ant+? Would I need a cable or something?

I was given a garmin heart rate monitor I wear around my chest by a friend but that won’t connect either. Maybe the battery is out. I don’t think I can charge the chest heart rate monitor

The Garmin HR monitor is probably also ANT+ only.

You can use something like this to bridge your HR from ANT+ to Bluetooth.

If it is only HR that you need to bridge you can buy a duel ANT+ and Bluetooth HR Strap.


There are 2 protocols used to connect sport equipment together and to other devices: ANT+ and Bluetooth. Most Garmin equipment uses ANT+, some (more recent) also use Bluetooth. Apple TV only uses Bluetooth. So - your issue, if I understand it correctly, is sending HR data to your Apple TV. The sensor you currently have (Garmin Venu optical HR sensor + broadcast from the watch) is ANT+. You can either a) convert that to BT, using a device like the one @Gerrie_Delport suggested, or b) use a Bluetooth HR sensor. Cost is in the same order of magnitude. This said, make sure you have enough Bluetooth channels available on the Apple TV - there are only two available (beyond the remote), and the trainer uses one, so this would be your only other sensor (i.e. no power meter or cadence sensor on top).

Can you provide the link for that Connect device you suggested? I cannot find it on Amazon. I have the same issue of my Garmin heart rate monitor not syncing to my Apple TV. I have the Garmin usb connector, but I don’t think I can use that with my Apple TV.

I have not used this one but here are the link.

probably cheaper to get a bluetooth heart rate monitor

Thanks Gerrie. Looks like the item is unavailable which explains why I couldn’t find it.

I think getting a new Bluetooth heart rate monitor is the way to go.

Again, thank you for answering!