Pairing my apple tv

Help!!! I am trying to pair my bike sensors to the zwift program on my apple tv. The program comes up but does not recognize any sensors. The sensors work on my zwift program on my mac and my garmin bike comuter but not on my apple tv or iphone. Am i forgetting something?

What sensor are you using, if they are ant+ only they won’t connect to ATV

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they are bluetooth…garmin cadence, speed and HRM…

Make sure they are not connected to any other device or app before opening Zwift, Bluetooth only allows one connection to any device or app at a time.

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As stated previously make sure you are not connected to anything else. If the sensors are connected to your phone or Mac they will not connect to the Apple TV. Also note that you can only connect 2 Bluetooth sensors to the Apple TV because you get 3 but the remote counts as 1. That means you get the trainer and 1 more. If you want to connect more than that you need a device that combines all the signals into one and sends. I use a handy device called CABLE that does this.

Thanks for the help. I turned off the Bluetooth on n my laptop and iPhone but it still does not read any devices.