HRM pro to Apple TV

Any ideas…?

Been running zwift on Apple TV with Garmin HRM pro transmitting over Bluetooth seamlessly for months until today I went on and couldn’t find the HRM.

Thought it might be the battery but can connect it to my phone and shows full (4 bars)

The only way I can get it to work is to set up virtual run on my fenix 6 with the HRM strap connected to my watch then it shows up Fenix 6 on the zwift app on Apple TV.

I’ve taken the watch off and have just got it sitting next to me and I’m gettin heart rate data on zwift so it’s obviously going from the hrm to the watch then too zwift.

Any ideas why it won’t connect straight from HRM. Could it be something to do with the latest update on iOS?



What other devices do you have nearby? Is it possible something else has grabbed the Bluetooth connection the HRM was using?

Only my watch but I disconnected that. And it wasn’t connected to my phone or iPad.