Pair Wahoo Tickr

My month old Wahoo Tickr was working 9/10 times when I started zwift app.
When I go to start screen and Tap to Pair Heart Rate monitor, it just shows as searching.

It’s connected to bluetooth on iphone XS.

I can see my heartbeat in the wahoo app.
I don’t have the wahoo app running when I try to pair with Zwift.

I’ve replaced the battery in the Tickr but power does not seem to be the issue because I can see it in the wahoo app.

I’ve tried rebooting the iphone and it does not help.

I’ve removed Wahoo Tickr App and Zwift and re-installed both.

Still can’t get it to show up in Zwift.

Can anyone help please?

Have you checked the Bluetooth connections in the iPhone? You mentioned you closed the wahoo app but if the Tickr is connected to your iPhone Bluetooth it won’t be able to pair to anything else. Best is to go settings -> Bluetooth -> Tickr (or whatever it’s called in the list) -> forget device. This will remove it from your iPhone pairing and make it available to Zwift.

I’m in the exact same situation. I also tried the comment below and that did now work.

Having the same problem.
I use mi Tickr x with Zwift run for 2 month.
Yesterday stop working … I get HR activity… but no pace or cadence…

I already disconnect the wahoo app… but not getting pace or cadence in Zwift run.

My Zwift app update 2 days ago… :thinking:

Hi Rico!

I fix my problem… maybe it help you!.

  1. Take out the battery of the tickr.
  2. put it inside out, for 3 to 4 seconds.
  3. Put te battery correctly again.

Now, go to the phone.

  1. Open Zwift. Go to run.
  2. In the pair screen, dont do nothing.
  3. Open the WAHOO App. (if you don’t connect the tickr before, do it now)
  4. On the WAHOO APP, start a Run treadmil training.
  5. Inmidiatly finis the count down of start, close the app (don’t swich apps, CLOSE IT)
  6. Go to Zwift. The same connections screen were was before.

I do all of it… and start working perfectly!.

Good Luck!