Wahoo Tickr Fit data not sending

I have just purchased a Tickr heart rate monitor the fit arm band one. I have paired it to my wahoo app and it works perfectly. I went on Zwift and it finds my tickr and pairs but once i start in game all i have is two dashes next to my cadence not actually giving me my heart rate. I have moved it up and down my arm and still no heart rate yet on the Wahoo app it reads my heart rate perfectly. Is there something i can do has anyone else had this issue. My other HR monitor on my chest works perfectly.

My setup is as below :

  1. Trainer: Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer (KICKR Version: 5)
  2. Zwift App on Apple TV 4K
  3. Zwift Companion app
  4. Apple TV 4K
  1. iPhone XS
  2. Wahoo Tickr X
  3. Sony LED TV

All above 1 to 7 are running on latest firmware.

Restarted Zwift after a gap of more than a year and updated all the apps, renewed subscription of Zwift and was so happy on seeing everything connected via Bluetooth and running except to my surprise the heart rate was not showing on the Zwift app which really spoiled the fun. Can there be a problem with wahoo tickr x ? Or I am not connecting it correctly ? Without HR not fun Zwifting.

Am I doing anything wrong or missing something. Appreciate your help as I have not stayed in touch with Zwift. Any other option available in last few years for capturing HR on Zwift

sounds similar to this

Yes very similar but noticed no response to that query as well. Hoping someone will help

Yeah hopefully, I’ve got one that I’ve used in the past with no problem, but can’t check at the moment as I’m not using zwift at the moment as still riding outside, maybe @shooj can cast some light on it

Hi @C_J_Harper_Rhino and @Anil_Rajput welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I am also a fan of the Wahoo Tickr products. I just bought a Wahoo Tickr chest strap HRM last week and own a 4 year old TickrFit arm band HRM. In my case - I am not pairing either HRM to any other app.

@C_J_Harper_Rhino what happens if you temporarily uninstall the Wahoo app from your smartphone? While the Wahoo HRM’s are capable of pairing to multiple receiving devices simultaneously - I wonder what happens if you remove this variable?

In your case - I looked at your server logs too, and I’m seeing you logged into the main game app on an iPhone 11 and an Apple TV at the same time. First thing that will solve many issues is to stop logging in to the game from multiple devices. Concurrent logins will cause all sorts of issues. Some signals may not appear because you’re already paired to it on the other device. Please log out from all devices, force-close the app on all devices, wait two minutes for the server to recognize you’ve terminated all sessions.

If logging in works as expected next time - I’d recommend you uninstall the main game app from your iPhone to avoid this conflict. You should continue to use the Companion app on your iPhone, however

Also - since Apple released iOS 17 and tvOS17 a short time ago, your app privacy settings may have reset to the default stricter settings. Check your tvOS Bluetooth Privacy Settings and allow the Zwift app permissions if it’s not already.