Wahoo Tickr pairs but wont read my bpm

Im running Zwift on my AppleTV. Zwift will read and connect to my tickr hr strap but wont pick up my bpr on screen, then it will lose connection after a few minutes… not even when its connected to my companion on my ipad or iphone. it has a good battery because it will pick up my heart rate when i connect the signal to my garmin fenix watch. its deleted and not connected to any other devices as well.

Has anyone had this problem before, please help, its frustrating that i can’t have this sync and i get tired of trying to connect that i just ride at the end with no luck.

thanks in advance.,
Ricardo C.

I have exactly the same problem since the Jan update Ricardo.
Apple TV/Tickr2 - Zwift pairs but no readout. Have tried resetting Hr, ignoring all previous connections but not use.