My Wahoo Tickr HRM no longer pairs

Hi my HRM and longer pairs with Zwift, but is fine with my Wahoo Bolt & iPhone. I’m using Apple TV & Elite Direto; it’s worked before but won’t pair anymore (last 2 rides)

Are you trying to pair it directly to the apple tv or to the companion app? Are you saying it pairs to other devices but just not Zwift?

Have you checked the battery level? Remove it and test it with a volt meter. Or just replace it with a new one.

Have you tried turning off every device that it might otherwise pair with while trying to pair to the apple tv?

Have you tried removing the battery, waiting about 30 seconds, then reinstalling the battery and try to pair it again. This will cause any inadvertent pairing with other devices to time-out.

Which model?

There’s a known issue with Zwift and the Tickr Fit (the optical HRM).

Definitely check to make sure it’s not pairing with another device first. My Tickr seems to try to pair by Bluetooth first by default, and of course, once you pair it to one device via bluetooth, no others can pair via bluetooth. I end up having to make sure i paid it first to the computer, then to my watch if i want to use the watch (it’ll use Ant+ for the watch in that instance)