Tickr heart rate not pairing its zwift

when i connect to Zwift (I’m using MacBook app also on Apple tv app too) its recognize my wahoo trainer and cadence sensor but the Tickr sensor its not recognize …i know its working well case before i use Zwift i used to use TrainerRoad app without any issues.
what should be the problem?
thanks :slight_smile:

I have the same issue with pairing cadence sensor and heart rate monitor. I find faffing with airplane mode on/off on my phone sometimes allows me to pair. I think its an issue with ATV and its limited Bluetooth connections etc…

Apple TV can only connect to 3 bluetooth devices at a time, one is used for the remote, so 2 are available for Zwift. If the trainer and the cadence sensor are paired then you cant add the HR monitor. Does your trainer estimate cadence? The Kickr and Kickr Core do, so if you have one of those you dont need the added cadence sensor.

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