Wahoo TICKR connection issue


Zwift picking up the signal from BlueSC, but can’t find my Wahoo TICKR HRM when it sourcing. Can you help how can I pair it.


seems ok now, I guess there was something wrong at my end.


I’m having the same issue. I have never succeeded to connect a Wahoo TICKR HRM (Bluetooth Only). I have the Zwift iPhone app running and has successfully bridged the Wahoo BlueSC, but never has it picked up the TICKR.


I understand that the software is in beta, but would have thought that ALL the Wahoo products would have worked.


Any ideas?

I use the app on my iPhone 6 and hdmi cable to my tv, will not pick up my wahoo tickr heart rate monitor very frustrated


any help would be appreciated

Resolved this issue.

Apple put an app on there phone called “health” it has a picture of a heart on it.

this app was picking up my wahoo heart monitor and blocking the signal from going to zwift.

I turned it off in the health app and now zwift picks it up.

problem solved

I also removed the “health” app’s permission to use tho wahoo heart monitor.  Zwift was able to pair it immediately.

How do you remove this from the Heath app? There is no straightforward way I can find to do this.



Open the heath app. At the bottom open sources. Open zwift. Turn off heart rate, or everything. Do the same with any other app that might be causing a problem. :heart:

I have had the same problem. The BT wahoo HRM would work on my phone but not through my Macbook. However, I resolved the issues by clicking on the settings gear from the connection screen and choosing to connect to BT through the mobile link app rather than through the Laptop’s bluetooth. I hope this helps.