Wahoo heart rate monitor and Kinetic Road Machine Smart Trainer

(Lori Sanderson) #1

Hi, I have been using the Wahoo heart rate monitor and it keeps going to 0 as my heart rate. I have tried moving it and have had it on my sternum. I want to get a different heart rate monitor because I am not happy with this one. Which ones can I use? I do have a polar heart rate monitor strap. I am using a Kinetic Road Machine Smart Trainer if you need to know that. Sincerely, Lori

(Paul Allen) #2

Once and a while I had issues with my Wahoo Tickr using ANT+, so now I use BLE through the ZCA with no issues. I also have a Garmin Tri HRM that works without issue using ANT+. I use a PC to run Zwift.

(David K) #3

Do you happen to have any other fitness apps running on your Samsung in the background while you have your Tickr paired through Zwift Companion? Sometimes the official Wahoo support app and other training software meant to read from your HRM can stop it from broadcasting your heart rate to Zwift. The same type of software running from your PC can interrupt the readings too. Try to exit or force-stop anything that may be fitness related aside from Zwift.

Since you’re using a Windows PC, you won’t be able to connect directly to the Bluetooth built into it and it’s best to completely disable. Since you’re already using Zwift Companion to pair, the only other route would be an ANT+ USB dongle as an alternative.

When wearing the HRM, are you remembering to moisten the contact with electrode gel or saliva? Without a conductive contact to your skin, your Tickr may not be able to gather accurate readings.

We also have a couple of articles that may help. If there’s a lot of signal interference in the area, our Bluetooth Dropout article may help you locate and resolve it:

If your Tickr is dropping out because the connection between Zwift and Zwift Companion is failing, this article should assist:

If troubleshooting doesn’t seem to help much, there’s two other options. If you’re looking for further recommendations for heart rate monitors, the rest of our community will likely be happy to add more suggestions. If you’d rather further troubleshoot your Tickr, please let me know and I’ll open an email support ticket for you.

(Lori Sanderson) #4

Thank you Paul! I’ll check into that monitor.

(Lori Sanderson) #5

Hi David,

I do have an ANT + USB dongle which helps with the signal. I also have another computer playing Amazon prime videos. Maybe that is interfering with my heart rate monitor. I also don’t usually moisten the electrodes, so I will try that too. I don’t have any other training software running though. I’ll also check out those articles. Thank you!!!

(David K) #6

Even if Amazon was utilizing a good portion of your internet bandwidth, it shouldn’t affect connections with your heart rate monitor. At most, the loss of internet access may prevent activities from uploading and may cause other riders to glitch around or disappear. It shouldn’t affect connections with any of your sensors or devices, though.

(Lori Sanderson) #7

I also have a garmin heart rate monitor but couldn’t (for the life of me) figure out how to link it to Zwift. I even have a ANT+ dongle but that didn’t seem to make a difference.  Can you tell me the steps to set that up? I am using my husband’s computer for Zwift and the companion on my cellphone. I have a computer that uses Windows. It’s not a MAC or apple. I think it might be a Del or something like that.

Also, I was using a Bluetooth speaker that I did not turn on today just in case it would interfere with the connection to my Wahoo heart rate monitor. The heart rate showed up more but it still wasn’t perfect, so I would like to use a different one. If I could use the Garmin that would be awesome since I already own it.

(Lori Sanderson) #8

Hi Paul,

I looked up the heart rate monitor you suggested on Amazon but couldn’t find it. Is BLE and ZCA acronyms for something? I’m not sure what that is?

(Lori Sanderson) #9

PS: I just have a Garmin Heart Rate monitor strap. I also have a Garmin Vivoactive but it is my understanding that this does not work with Zwift.

(Paul Allen) #10

ZCA=Zwift Companion App

BLE=Bluetooth Low Energy

If you have an ANT+ dongle in your PC it should find the HRM. If it doesn’t you kight want to try another USB port.

The Garmin TRI HRM is not cheap, but I have had no issues with it connecting to Zwift or my Garmin 920xt: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/136403

Try using the ZCA to bridge the BLE signal of the Wahoo Tickr to your PC (this works for me) to see if you get better results before purchasing another HRM

(David K) #11

Do you happen to have the model number from the Garmin Heart Rate Monitor you already own? I may be able to find you setup instructions or the user manual for your Garmin.