Cannot connect to heart rate

( #1

I have only used the program once…found my computrainer and heart rate monitor (Garmin). Now it will not find my heart rate monitor. No changes to the computer. No other Garmin programs running…any ideas?

(Chad H) #2

Have you tired to put the monitor close to your ANT stick to make sure it is not a battery getting weak. I noticed that mine started to lose connection when I would sit up on real world rides. Replaced the battery and was back to normal.

(Jim Dockal WBR) #3

Anthony, I am also using a computrainer. Initially I used the computrainer HR (pulse) device that you stick on your ear but two days ago I got a Garmin HRM. First day no problem, second day fine until I had to take a nature break. When I cam beck, no HR signal. Zwift had switched back to the computrainer HR because it was still plugged into the controller unit. I re-established connection to the Garmin HRM using the Zwift setup screen ‘T’ key. I will bet if I un-plugged the computrainer HRM from the controller this would not happen.


(David Havrda) #4

I have a wahoo fitness bluehr heart monitor. Zwift won’t connect to it on mobile (iphone 6s) or desktop app, macbook pro. I have the ant+ usb dongle on my laptop. Also strava and wahoo mobile app have no problem connecting to it. Just zwift. Any ideas?

(Paul Allen) #5

Make sure it is not connect to any other app or device, Bluetooth can only connect to one thing at a time.

(David Havrda) #6

Thanks! That did it!! My phone was connected to it in the settings. Yes strava and wahoo could still connect to it. I suppose via the OS so that it could be shared I guess. Anyway, I disconnected it in the settings/bluetooth, killed off the other apps, started zwift and I could connect. Laptop connected  as well. Appreciate it, you’re the man.

(Matt MacLennan) #7

Using Mobile Link, I have had a lot of connectivity issues with different devices. I haven’t been able to isolate the exact issues so I start from scratch doing the following:

  1. Quit Zwift and Zwift mobile.

  2. Disconnect from wifi on both phone and computer.

  3. With Bluetooth on, “forget” all the devices that have been attached.

  4. Turn Bluetooth off on phone.

  5. Turn Bluetooth on phone.

  6. Reconnect all Bluetooth devices to phone.

  7. Restart wifi on phone and computer  - make sure they’re on the same wifi network.

  8. Restart Mobile Link.

  9. Restart Zwift.