HR monitor not pairing


I’ve been having trouble with pairing my HR with the Zwift app for over a month now.

I’ve been on the forums and followed the advice.

I have the Zwift app on my iPhone SE (2020 version) and the HR monitor did work at first.

I have been on my iPhone settings and told it to ‘forget this device’ re: the HR monitor. However it keeps coming back!!!

I have removed all apps on my iPhone that the HR monitor could be linking with. Ie Tacx and Mapmyrun. I have deleted the Zwift app and reinstalled.

The Zwift app is now recognising the HR monitor - but it won’t record the HR. Just to say the HR pairs fine with my Garmin watch. However I switch the watch off just to make sure it doesn’t interfere.

Please please help.

I have had other issues with Zwift, like being kicked out of a ride mid ride -and the support email not being live!!! -and am coming to the end of my patience.


What HR is it and how are you connecting it?

It’s a Garmin HR strap and it connects to Zwift on my iPhone SE by Bluetooth

Might be an deeper issue, but have you checked that your Zwift, Garmin apps are updated.

Also check that your HR is on the last version?

The HR will be connecting to your watch via Ant+ whereas your phone is BT. That’ll potentially explain the stability difference.

There are some long running issues with the garmin HR over BT.

Thanks all. I’ve decided to leave Zwift. Didn’t get these issues with Tacx so am going back to them.

Seems a tad drastic but each to their own.

Looking at your activities it seems your cadence is also a bit hit and miss so maybe there is something amiss with your setup.

Ride On!