Garmin Ant+ heart rate monitor strap

I’m use Zwift on my iPhone and Windows 10 Laptop. Neither picks up my Garmin Ant+ HRM strap. Is this a known issue? Does anyone know a work around? The heart rate monitor does work, it picks up on my iPhone when using the Wattbike app. Thanks Paul

You would need an ANT+ dongle in your Windows PC to pick up the signal from the Garmin HRM.


Ok thank you. What about on the iPhone? Ideally I’d like a HRM that works with my iPhone as that is what I use the most. Any suggestions?

You need a bluetooth HR monitor or a dual ant+ bluetooth HR monitor. Wahoo has one. Garmin has one. I believe I’ve seen people complain they can’t get either to connect tho. I’m sure it’s a small percentage tho (no one gets on the forum to say everything connected without dramas). I’ve told myself I’ll try a wahoo HR once my Garmin dies (I’ve been through a bunch of them over the years by rusting out the terminals - now I try to take better care of the terminals).

The other option people rate is the CABLE device that converts ant+ to Bluetooth.

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Thanks for the reply, very helpful. Plenty to think about.

Should the Garmin Dual HRM strap work with Zwift on an iPhone?

@Paul_Skilton Yes it should. But a quick search of “Garmin dual” in the forums does bring up a bunch of posts with people receiving “no signal”. Which is concerning.

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