Pairing garmin heart rate with my Zwift & NeoSmart combination

(Mick TheBetter) #1


I can’t pair my garmin heart rate monitor with my combination zwift/NeoSmart

Normally I use my garmin heart rate with my 920xt

I never had to use the ant stick.

I have no laptop or desktop or similar device that has a blue tooth port because We are apple ipad/iPhone at 100%

So, all that being said, How can I successfully connect my garmin heart rate monitor to Zwift and/or NeoSmart?





(Paul Allen) #2

You would need something like CABLE to bridge the ANT+ signal to a iPad/iPhone:

or you could get a Wahoo Tickr which is duel band.

(Mick TheBetter) #3

Thanks Paul.


That’s interesting. I read the reviews on the North Pole Engineering web site and there all positive so I’ll give it a try and will share the results.

Thank again!




(Mick TheBetter) #4

Hi everyone,

after receiving Paul Allen suggestion to order that little electronic device called CABLE from North Pole Engineering that convert an ant+ signal into blue tooth so that my garmin heart rate device can be read by my iPad and Zwift apps, I gave it a try, ordered the device, just received it this week (took 8 working days from Minneapolis to Montreal Canada) .

Results: I followed the instructions, did activate the CABLE and It did pair immediately my heart rate monitor with Zwift. 

Thanks for the tip




(Paul Allen) #5

Glad I could help you get up and running. Ride On!