Heart Rate Monitor Compatibility with Zwift

Hello fellow Zwifters. I am new to Zwift and would like some advice on the best heart rate monitor to buy. I need one that is compatible with Zwift and Garmin 920XT. Thank you.

Wahoo Tickr is duel band, Garmin Tri HRM is ANT+ only, Polar, and a few others. It really depends on your setup, they way you are going to connect (BLE or ANT+) and personal preference.

I use a Garmin Tri HRM and a Wahoo Tickr.

Thanks Paul.
I’m using a Tacx Neo, Garmin 920XT.
I guess a Tacx HRM may be the answer?

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You and use any HRM that transmits in either Bluetooth or ANT+, it doesn’t matter what trainer you have. I have a Tacx trainer and use either a Wahoo or Garmin HRM without issue.