Looking to buy heart rate monitor when on bike what one is the best for being compatible fo Zwift and strava I have a tacx satori turbo trainer. Many thanks

I use a Garmin (ANT+) or Viiiiva (Bluetooth/ANT+). When outside, both work for me. When indoors, it depends if I am using ANT+ (laptop) or Bluetooth (Apple TV or iPhone). Both work great! FYI… the Viiiiva provides ANT+ to Bluetooth bridging capabilities if you happen to need that.

Another one that is supposed to be great is the Wahoo TICKR X, that does both ANT+ and Bluetooth. However, I have no personal experience with this one.

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I use a Wahoo TICKR X. It works great with Ant+ or BLE as a heart rate monitor. It also provides a cadence reading, but when paired with Zwift as a cadence sensor, it always reports zero.

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do you use apple tv? Only two in this device.

I use a Windows 10 PC.

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iPad with Bluetooth