Heart Rate Monitor Recommendation.

My old heart rate strap stopped working. :disappointed_relieved:

I was interested in hearing what others would recommend.

Thanks in advance for your input!

Both Garmin and Wahoo make excellent heart-rate monitors. Lots of people are fans of Polar as well.

We’ve used all three in our office to great success.

Thanks for the heads up!

Another to consider is the schose rhythm + hr monitor.

I like it because it its optical based, water proof down to one meter, and rechargeable.  It is also ant+ and blte so you can use it with any computer or device.



Personally I would go with Wahoo. My Garmin is playing up (dropping out mid ride / going to 0 reading and also not moving of 72BPM at times) its only 18 months old and I have changed the battery looked after it everything with no joy. Never had any issue with my Wahoo HR. Oh and of course Garmin will only warranty 12months! So Wahoo for my recommendation. 

I am using the Garmin Vivosmart HR, as i hate wearing a breast strap, and that works perfectly.

Would a Crane bluetooth HRM work with Zwift? It says it works with iOs and there’s an iOs app, so presumably it does?

I have a polar h7 and garmin forerunner 235 wrist hr. 

i am running the iOS version 

but none of the two seem to pair though all my other sensors work fine

Any ideas?


I answered your question in another thread.

Hello - Any plans to incorporate FitBit

A FitBit can be as much as 10% off along with most if not all wrist based HRM. 

I have always been a fan of the polar straps but my current one is not ANT+ so I am using my garmin hard strap (the one with the coin battery) and I must say it work really well.

I canno get my Garmin Vivosmart to log heartrate on zwift.
Need help!!

Hi John,

Are you attempting to pair the Vivosmart over ANT+?

I also have a Garmin HRM. With Garmin 920xt watch. I use my Apple phone to connect to zwift. Can I connect my HRM to this? If so how? Thanks.


Yes, you would need to use a 30 pin to lightning adapter and the Wahoo Ant+ Key.


Thanks Paul. So is there an easier option? Can I get a new HRM that will link directly? If so what one? Thanks.

Chris just get a dual band ant+ btle hrm.

the wahoo tickrx is a good model

or schocse rhythm plus

I’m with Matt on using the Wahoo Tickr, it’s duel band and works great.

Thanks. I’ll have a look at them. Cheers for the info.