Garmin Heart rate

I tried to use my Garmin 945 wrist heart rate using an old Ant- dongle from my 935 and it couldn’t find it. So I tried using the new chest strap heart rate monitor that came with the 945 and presto it worked! Is there a way to just use the wrist based on my 945?

The chest strap is going to be more accurate then the 945.


Hi @Christian_Carlson

I don’t have the 945 but on my Fenix 3HR I have to put it in broadcast mode first for Zwift to see it.

But as Paul said the HR strap is much better. I only use a strap even thou I have the watch.


I second the guys above. I have a Fenix 5 and while I can use it, the reliability of the readings made me go get a chest strap. I had frequent drop outs from the optical wrist hr. Works great outdoors, but doesn’t play nice with zwift for me

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Hi Gerrie,

I use macbook pro for the zwift app and iphone for zwift companion, but both can’t seem to detect my watch/HR. Could you please let me know how you connect/broadcast your hr through fenix3HR to zwift. Many thanks

The Garmin HRM and the Watch both transmit HR in ANT+ so you would need an ANT+ in your Mac.

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