Get HR data from Garmin forerunner 935

Hi everyone,
I’m new with Zwift and I’m struggling to collectHR data from my watch (forerunner 935).
It works properly to share data with Garmin GPS.
The watch simply doesn’t show up

Thanks for your help

You’ll need to give more detail about your setup and how you are trying to connect the watch etc…

Is the Forerunner set up to broadcast HR?

My home-trainer is a à Zwift hub and I tried to detect my watch from the mobile app (IOS) or the Mac app. I tried to detect from the same page you can connect your home-trainer .
My watch was in detection mode

Envoyé de mon iPhone

The Forerunner 935 does not support HR broadcast via Bluetooth. It only supports ANT+. You need an ANT+ dongle for the mac. You cannot use it with iOS because iOS does not support ANT+.

For what it’s worth, I would suggest getting an actual HRM. I have found Garmin watches to show very inaccurate HR during cycling activities.

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Thanks for the advice.

Agreed, i find wrist based heart rate monitors are a bit hit and miss with cycling due to the bend in the wrist to hold the handlebars. it can be improved by wearing it on the inside of the wrist but i find chest strap heart rate monitors to be far more reliable. they can be picked up relatively cheaply. I use a £20 dual ant+/bluetooth one i got from amazon years ago and still works great.