Forerunner 935 linking to iPad

Hi guys,

Just joined Zwift and have set up my iPad for training.

It isn’t picking up my wrist heart rate from my Forerunner 935, but I know it is transmitting the HR in bluetooth because you can see the real time HR on my Garmin Connect app.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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It transmits real-time HR in ANT+. You best option is to get a dual band HRM like the Wahoo Tickr.

Thanks Paul, I was hoping there was some way of getting the HR data displayed in the Gamin App on my ipad, as it shows my HR. So it must transmit some info through bluetooth. But I have a feeling Garmin and Apple aren’t keen on cross platform co-operation.

I will go back to using my android phone for Zwift for the moment.

That really has nothing to do with your issue.

Your Garmin watch broadcast real-time HR in ANT+ and Zwift on the iPad is Bluetooth only. On the other hand your Zwift on Android can handle Bluetooth and ANT+ and that is why you can see your HR on that device. The Garmin App has nothing to do with connecting HR to Zwift.

I don’t seem to be explaining myself correctly, so apologies for that.

HR data from my watch is being sent to the iPad via bluetooth because if you open the Garmin Connect app on iPad it will tell your real time heart rate is being read from my watch. I just thought there was a way of Zwift reading the same information

Oh, I understand what you are saying and what you are trying to do, but it does not work the way you think it does.

It doesn’t broadcast to the Garmin Connect App in real-time. The watch broadcast HR in ANT+ in real-time, it links to the Garmin Connect App using Bluetooth to keep track of metrics over time. These are 2 different functions.

This question has come up a lot on the forums over the years and sometimes it’s hard for people to understand how the HR from a Garmin watch works.

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Some Garmin watches do broadcast HR + some metrics live via Bluetooth, since the last update (my son’s 945 did it few days ago).
So far, it is only for treadmill activities and using ‘Virtual run’ mode.
I don’t know which watches do it but I believe only a few (my fenix doesn’t) but we can hope that it will be implemented for other activities/mode

That is only for the 945 and the 245, he has the 935: