Garmin 935 and Ipad Pro

I am running Zwift on my Ipad Pro 9.7. How can I get my Ipad to pick up my Garmin 935 HR?


Even more specifically, I have the old Ant + speed and cadence sensor that my 935 picks up. How best to I get my Ipad to pick up the Ant + from my speed and cadence sensor and pick up my HR from the 935?


You are better off buying a separate HRM then trying to get the Garmin to connect to a iPad. I would suggest a Wahoo Tickr Run, it is duel band and will also allow you to run within Zwift. 

To get ANT+ to your iPad you will need to use a Lightning to 30 pin adapter and a Wahoo ANT+ key. The watch CANNOT act as a bridge.

If the 935 is capable you would need to turn on broadcast mode (Go into Settings, Heart Rate Monitor, Broadcast Heart Rate, set it to Auto if it is off).

Here is a link to why a wrist-base HRM is not a very good option:




Thanks for the responses! The 935 is capable of broadcasting HR, but I can’t pick it up with my Ipad. Am I supposed to be able to pick up the broadcast HR with my Ipad?


I know I can pick up the 935 HR with my Edge.

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For all’s information: Connectivity for the Garmin Forerunner®935includes Bluetooth® Smart, ANT+®, and Wi-Fi®. It’d be the Bluetooth signal that the iPad needs.

Todd: Info from Ray Maker’s blog:

Garmin Forerunner 935 "HR broadcast is still ANT+ only, no Bluetooth broadcast? i.e. any device/app receiving the broadcast must accept ANT+ signals (like iPhone requiring ANT+ adaptor?)

DC Rainmaker

March 29, 2017 at 8:47 am#199


Thanks, Steve! Looks like I need adapter for my Ipad. I already have the 30 pin to lightening adapter.





I think I already mentioned you would need a Wahoo Ant+ key ( Also as far as training goes a wrist-based HRM is far less accurate than a chest strap. A Wahoo Tickr is duel band and slightly cheaper than the Ant+ key.