Garmin 235 HRM to ipad

(Thomas Yardley 1178) #1

Hello all,


I am currently trying to link my Garmin 235 to an ipad for Zwift.

Even when broadcasting the HRM I cannot get it to link to the ipad.

Is there anything I can do apart from getting an ANT dongle for the ipad?

Usually this would not be an issue as I’d use my laptop with usb ANT dongle but it is broken currently so looking for a temporary workaround.


Thanks in advance for any help!

(Paul Allen) #2

Garmin devices only broadcast in ANT+ and the iPad is Bluetooth only, so you would need something like CABLE to bridge the ANT+ signal to the iPad.

Or you could get a Wahoo Tickr that is duel band (BLE and ANT+).

(Hugues Compere) #3

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S3 to S8 and A5 with builtin ANT+, you can try application "ANT+ to BLE HEARTRATE.

(Steve Wreschnig WBR) #4

After you get it linked, I’ve found that you have to have an activity going on the 235, like “Inside Cycling”, or the heart rate will stop broadcasting at the one second interval.