Do I need a dongle to pair my Ant+ HR monitor to my iPad

When I ran Zwift on my Samsung S8, both of my Garmin Heart Rate Monitors (HRM)s paired fine. But now that I’m running it on an iPad (7th Gen), the HRM does not pair.
I think the HRM is ANT+ only and I’m guessing the iPad is Bluetooth only.

So it sounds like I either need to get a dongle of some sort or a new HRM.

But I was wondering whether somehow I could get the Zwift companion app to serve as a conduit for the HRM… and then of course, how? :slight_smile:

Apple devices only support Bluetooth so you won’t be able to pair any ANT+ only devices. IIRC Apple discontinued the ability for an ANT+ receiver to be directly plugged in. If the HRM is your only device that is BLE it would probably be cheaper to just buy another one that broadcasts BLE. If you have other devices you want to bridge to BLE you might want to look at Viiiiva: