How to connect ANT+ HRM to iPad Pro

I am using a Wattbike for power and cadence to connect to Zwift on an iPad Pro. My HRM is a Garmin ANT+ and connects to the Wattbike fine but not to the iPad. Do I need a Bluetooth HRM or is there another solution for Zwift to capture HR ?

Thanks in advance !

Apple iPhones and iPads have no ANT+ service.

The straightforward way to use a heart rate monitor with an iPad is to get an HRM that sends standard Bluetooth, often along with ANT+. Wahoo heart rate monitors are often used.

You can use a Lightning to 30 pin connector and use a Wahoo ANT+ key to get your HRM to connect to your iPad.

But, the Wahoo Tickr would be a better value since it broadcast in both BLE and ANT+.

This still is another thing to buy, but you could try an ANT-to-BLE bridge.  It will rebroadcast the ANT+ signal as Bluetooth.

I use it with my old Garmin ANT+ devices (HRM and speed/cadence).  I chose this method because, yes, although I’m buying another gadget, I’m buying only one and not having to replace multiple ANT+ devices which have no other issues.  This may or may not suit your need if you are replacing only one ANT+ device.

The bonus seems to be it allows me to use my HRM and speed/cadence sensors – along with smart trainer and Apple TV remote – on the Apple TV beta without worrying about Apple’s device limit (of 3) for concurrent bluetooth connections.

Your mileage may vary.  Just throwing it out there as an option.


Phil: So you’re saying that the CABLE ANT+ to BLE device connects to the Apple TV as a single BLE connection – so that ANT+ sensors for Heart Rate, Bike Speed, Bike Cadence, Bike Speed/Cadence, and/or Bike Power will all go to Zwift on Apple TV as a single Bluetooth connection?

Normally, of course, the Apple TV remote takes one Bluetooth connection, leaving the remaining two Apple TV Bluetooth connections to be selected among two of power, heart rate and cadence. So when I’ve used Zwift on Apple TV I’ve had power and heart rate and I’ve omitted cadence.

That is an interesting option, even more so since the latest Apple TV 4K reportedly has the same Bluetooth connection limit as the previous generation.

hey Steve, that seems to be the case.

I have the Apple remote for one connection.
for the second BT device, I have the SmartTrainer…set in Zwift as both Power Source and as Controllable Trainer.
then third BT device is the CABLE, which is sending to Zwift my HRM and Cadence from the old Garmin ANT+ sensors.



I appear to have a similar problem. I have raised a ticket on Zwift, but frustratingly am getting nothing back

Here is my problem 

I have an iPad Pro and Wattbike Atom and Garmin HR belt

My HR belt connects fine to the Wattbike App on the IPad 

The Zwift app on the iPad can’t see the HR belt 

Any ideas or is this is a known technical problem on Zwift 

I don’t want to spend more money if I can help it 

To summarise, there are always lots of interesting conversations around fixing problems through work around that could be rectified by applying technical fixes to the Zwift software 

I know it fuels lots of conversations, but that’s the fundementals 

The software should satisfy the user wants and needs. 

So my message to Zwift is this. Fix it or your reputation is effected 

reputation = money. 






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How can I calibrate a pedometer with the iPad application. the speed of the pedometer does not match what the application says. in the Windows version if it is possible to calibrate it.

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