Garmin HRM with Zwift and Wattbike

Hi there,

Has anyone have success in pairing a Garmin HRM with Zwift using just an iPad (2018 model).

The Wattbike connects but not the HRM?

Saying the above, the Wattbike Hub manages to connect both…

I would hazard a guess that the Garmin strap will be Ant+ only. You need Bluetooth to connect to the iPad.

Trying to figure this out also. The reviews on dc rainmaker say it’s possible to connect ant + to the bike (via the watt bike hub app I think??), which then sends the data to the ipad/zwift using ble … I’ve had no success yet either though

It does not work if you do a little more research.

There are only 2 devices that can bridge ANT+ to Bluetooth for Zwift and that is the NPE CABLE and the 4iiii Viiiva HRM.

Your best option is probably getting a dual band HRM like the Wahoo Tickr or the Garmin Dual.

Thanks for the response, I will check those out.

So is it just the zwift software that is lacking the ability to bridge a connection?

When using my ipad with the wattbike hub app, it is able to connect with my garmin device via the wattbike. This lead me to belive zwift could also, as I am using the same 2 devices as mentioned above.