Heart Rate monitor doesn't connect since update


Hi! I have a Garmin Edge HR monitor and until 2 days ago, never had an issue connecting through bluetooth on Zwift. Since the update, Zwift detects the HR monitor, but then after 2-3 seconds it loses the signal. I read on another topic that the Garmin Connect or Edge may “drain” the bluetooth signal if they operate simultaneously. I don’t want to delete my Connect account and having the computer on the bike is a nice feature while riding Zwift. It worked before the update. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
A little help? Cheers

We need a little more information, please.

What’s the Zwift game app running on? Mac / PC / Android / iOS / Apple TV?
Do you use Zwift Companion as part of your pairing chain?


I have same issue. Old i7 PC with BLE connection to Garmin HR and Quarq AXS. I don’t see any disconnections on the Quarq AXS.

I have also detected that zwift consumes a lot more CPU (it makes a bottleneck with the GPU) since before it was around 50fps in ride / race and now it has dropped to 30fps.

A greeting

Hi! I use iOS mobile to connect to Zwift. I have the Zwift Companion app on my mobile but I don’t connect to Zwift with it while riding. My Garmin Edge 320 HRM connects to my 320 computer; I’ve tried not turning on my Edge 320 computer while connecting to Zwift and the HR doesn’t connect to Zwift.

I am trying to pair a Polar BT Heart Rate Monitor to Zwift on an Android Samsung S7 tablet. The tablet sees the HRM and Polar Beat app also can see the HRM. I have tried switching off/on bluetooth, rebooting the tablet, reinstalling zwift and putting a new battery in the HRM. Zwift is allowed access to location on yhr device.

My Elite Direto is picked up by Zwift immediately.

Any suggestions very welcome. Thanks.