AppleTV 4 2022 HRM issues

all folks !!! my Zwift setup is Wattbike Atom NG + Apple TV4K 128GB 2022
after the last Zwift update i’m having issues with the HRM signal on the Apple TV, Zwift recognises my Polar H10 monitor and connects it but afterwards does not receive signal from the H10 and shows not the readings,i have deleted several times the Zwift app and reinstalled again,it worked for awhile and then again stooped to show any readings,my H10 is ok because it works perfectly via my latop with i3 Core…has someone having the same issue with AppleTV&HRMs (Polar,Garmin or others) ??? many thanks for any help !!!

Same issue here. Using the Polar variety sense arm band. Been working brilliant on Apple TV until last night. HR kept dropping out. Checked tonight on Companion App and loads of races I’m down as DNF and riders missing. It’s just one big screw up atm

I’m using an H10 with my ATV4K (2022) with no issue. When was the last time you updated firmware on the H10, via the Polar Beat app? Do that first. It’s frustrating and can take multiple attempts but eventually the app should get the firmware updated.

Ensure you don’t have any other devices running Zwift and aren’t using the Companion app to bridge sensors. It would help to unpair sensors from any other device you own. Some devices, apps, and operating systems are notorious for sneakily attempting to connect in the background.

Next up: you MUST terminate the Zwift app after EVERY ride. I would also counsel to do a RESTART of the whole AppleTV every now and again, particularly after any game update, or when sensor issues arise.

The final option that almost always solves sensor issues: “Reset & update” your ATV - a factory reset - followed by reinstalling Zwift, and allowing any permissions the app wishes to have.

Give that a shot!

Yes having issues with H10. Multiple dropouts on ATV. Have to do multiple in game pairing before it eventually connects.