Polar H10 connection with AppleTV

Soooo…here’s a odd thing.

Since the last update my Polar H10 will not send a signal to the Zwift running on Apple TV. It appears to connect fine but reports that I have a zero HR. That is to say that it is connected but it is not reporting my HR.

If I pair everything with the companion app it works fine.

The HRM is sending a signal at all time as I have checked it with other apps and obviously it works once paired through the companion app.

Hardware is

AppleTV 4k
Wahoo Kick Bike
Wahoo Headwind

All software running on current OS.

I’ve seen this on occasion with nearly the same setup. (ATV4K, Headwind, H10)

First things first: UNPAIR the H10 from whatever device you’re running the Companion app on. Ensure the Companion app sensor bridging is disabled.

Failing the above, other suggestions:

  • Go into the Polar Beat app and ensure the H10 has updated firmware, as well as having both BLE channels activated.
  • Disconnect it from the app and any other device you have it paired to, including forgetting it on the AppleTV.
  • Ensure devices like the Wahoo Headwind and bike - if they’re listening for HR - are doing so over ANT+ and not attempting to steal a BLE connection. (though I’ve dubious this is the issue as the ATV is seeing the H10)
  • Terminate the Zwift app on the AppleTV and do a proper RESTART of the AppleTV, not just sleep.
  • Don’t pair it to the AppleTV as you would general BLE devices; only allow Zwift to find it in the pairing screen.

NOTE: I put on the H10 prior to firing up Zwift and wait for the Headwind to detect it (via ANT+) and spool up. This is usually indicative the ATV will find it.

Failing that, the nuclear option is to do a RESET of the AppleTV and start from scratch. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had to do that - maybe once a year. Not nearly as painful as a wipe of a desktop computer as the whole ATV will be restored from iCloud.

EDIT - here’s another obscure possibility that’s worked for me once: the ATV Siri Remote occasionally needs rebooting. Yes, the remote, not the ATV itself. Process documented here. (hold the TV and volume down buttons for about 5 seconds until the light on the ATV blinks, then wait a minute or so - there’ll be a “connection lost” message, eventually reconnecting)

I have been having the exact same problem the last 3-4 weeks
Using the Zwift companion app everything works fine
I am still looking for a solution

Kind a same here. The H10 is connected after starting Zwift, also the trainer. Then before starting the ride I walk out of the range of the signal. Coming back into the trainer area the H10 is found but will not transfer any heartrate. The only solution so far is, to close the App on the ATV and start over again. A bit annoying, since it only does it with the H10 and in combination with the ATV + Wahoo Kickr. The other setup through a Macbook, a USB-Ant+ Dongle and a Polar H9 works flawless.

As an aside, my Polar H10 had a similar connection issue with the ATV the other day, post-battery swap. Solution: full restart of the ATV. Works like a charm again.

Note: you may see multiple H10 BLE connections as the H10 supports multiple channels.