Heart rate data not transmitting to zwift

Today my polar h10 has randomly stopped working with zwift. Been fine to date but now it connects and zwift just displays no heart rate data. I’m using an apple tv. I’ve tested the h10 using the polar app and it’s broadcasting HR data so I’m thinking issue is somewhere between the Sensor and zwift. I’ve also checked that the sensor isn’t connecting to my phone by turning Bluetooth off. don’t know if it’s coincidence but today I’ve also received an error warning for the first time to say ive exceeded number of bluetooth connections on apple tv. I’ve checked and the sensor definately connects to zwift, just not reading the heart rate.

You might want to force shutdown the Zwift app and restart the ATV to see if that helps.

Also, make sure your ATV is up to date and that your Zwift App is on the latest release.

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Hi Peter,

just a thought, but is one of your other devices taking up the bluetooth channel that your HRM usually uses?