Polar H10 fail after update

(Hugo Heitmeijer) #1


My heart rate belt polar H10 fails after the update of last week. Is there a bugfix coming up?


Polar HR Pairing
(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Hugo, what exactly is failing with your heart rate belt? Are you unable to pair it to Zwift at all? Or is the signal dropping constantly?

(Hugo Heitmeijer) #3

Hi Vincent, after the update of Sunday everything was fine again. Thanks anyway!

(Hugo Heitmeijer) #4

Hi Vincent,

The issue is back again. So I am connected to my iPad. I can see my Bluetooth Heartrate at configuration of the iPad. But when I start Zwift, my heartrate belt is not visible. I have an Polar H10 and last week everything was fine. I didn’t change anything.

Can you please help?

Thank you!