Polar HR Pairing

My Polar HR monitor is paired to my iPhone 8, but Zwift will not recognize it. I didn’t have any problems with Zwift recognizing the HR monitor when paired to my iPhone 7.

You should not pair the HRM to your phone, it should only pair to Zwift. Bluetooth can only handle on connection to a device or app at a time so having it connected to your phone might be causing it not to pair with Zwift.

I’m running the zwift app from my iPhone not from a computer and it worked just fine with my iPhone 7.

Just make sure that the HRM is not connected to any device or app (including your phone) before starting Zwift. Also make sure in Settings>Sensors that BLE is turned on within the Zwift app.

The configuration is the same between my old phone and new phone and the cycleops M2 connects via Bluetooth just not my HR monitor

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There are others that have experienced the same issue: Polar H10 fail after update and Can't connect Heart Rate Belt Polar H10

Hi! Thanks, but the first forum is my own question and there is no answer on the other forum.

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I am aware of that, I just thought I would post those link so he knows that he is not the only one having the issue.

HR monitor worked just fine last night, and i’m not aware of anything that i did differently.