Polar H10 fail after update


My heart rate belt polar H10 fails after the update of last week. Is there a bugfix coming up?


Hey Hugo, what exactly is failing with your heart rate belt? Are you unable to pair it to Zwift at all? Or is the signal dropping constantly?

Hi Vincent, after the update of Sunday everything was fine again. Thanks anyway!

Hi Vincent,

The issue is back again. So I am connected to my iPad. I can see my Bluetooth Heartrate at configuration of the iPad. But when I start Zwift, my heartrate belt is not visible. I have an Polar H10 and last week everything was fine. I didn’t change anything.

Can you please help?

Thank you!


Hi Vincent,
I am having similar issue…My Polar H10 HRM (Firmware updated) and for some reason the App (Either on my PC or My iPhone) does not seem to pick up the monitor on a consistent basis. Firstly it can take ages to detect and when does it then shows it has not signal! If I walk out of the room i can then pick up a signal but not always. Note I have two H10 and it happens on both (Also the on two different windows 10 PCs and Iphone8 - All fully up to date) and I had similar issues on another HRM device.
As a side note it connects to the Polar apps, TSS, The Phone itself. It can connect to a laptop, and also to Garmin 935 and Garmin 235 all in the room.
Is it possible to open a call?

@Vincent_Williams1 - Any update on this? I have 2 polar HRM and neither is working since this update…I have checked and checked all the advice in the conversations below, and still no luck.


Polar HR Pairing - #4 by Paul_Allen - polar

For the Polar H10, make sure it’s not paired to the phone’s internal Bluetooth or Polar’s own app. Just removing it from the app may not be enough.
Also, try enabling the dual Bluetooth feature, since sometimes Zwift seems to pick up the non-active channel for some reason.

Thanks, will give them a go…Fingers crossed!