Polar H9 Connection Issues via AppleTV

Hello everyone. Im new to Zwift so hopefully I can explain my issue. I used the forum search to no avail. Im not sure if my description and or keywords are off. I am currently riding a new Keiser M3i, using Apple TV to run the main app and running the companion on my iPhone 12. I have the Keiser Power meter that comes with the bike, as well as a Polar H9 HRM.

Is there a certain sequence I have to open the apps and link my hardware via BT to the AppleTV?Its takes me 20 mins to get my HR monitor to connect and read on the game and companion.

I initially turn on my monitor, start the AppleTV, open Zwift and log in. I open and connect the companion app from phone to AppleTV.

Now… I will pedal a bit to wake up my PM, zwift immeditley recognizes the meter and I am able to connect. The HR monitor option will search and only randomly pick up my HR, but immediately sees the PM everytime. I know the Apple TV can only handle 2 BT connections so the HRM needs to tether via the companion app on my phone?

The HRM will eventually, through a series of follies and mishaps, somehow end up tethered to my phone. It shows in the phone settings and the companion BT devices and then just starts working…

I feel more confused after typing that, to be honest… do I make any sense? I have ZERO IT troubleshooting skills. It seems like it doesn’t like the sequence of BT tethering, like it wants it in a specific order or sequence and im just not bright enough to see it.

Any help would be appreciated.


First off, welcome to the Zwift forum community!

Thanks for explaining what steps you’re taking! I wasn’t confused when reading that at all. When it comes to pairing to the Apple Tv, your best bet is to pair everything through the Zwift Companion app. You can check our article Using Your Companion App, particularly the part that talks about using the app as a bridge.

You will want to make sure that your sensors are not paired to any other apps, or devices directly when pairing through the companion. I say this as you mentioned your iPhone will pair directly to your HR, you’ll want to make sure that your HR is unpaired from the phone first, then Zwift should be able to see your HR. You’ll also want to make sure the batteries in your HR are good as well, weak batteries will result in a weak/inconsistent bluetooth signal.

Check out that article though, and if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

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Thank you!! I will give this a try on my ride tonight!!


Just to follow up on my earlier message and clarify, the best order to pair everything up would be to start the Zwift Companion first, then load Zwift on on Apple Tv, wake up your trainer and pair, then your HR and pair. If you’re HR is still having issues, make sure it’s not paired to your phone directly first. Hopefully this will work out, but let us know if you’re still having issues.

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Hi @JohnP you nailed it!! I needed to start companion, then the ATV Zwift app, wake up hardware and boom!! It all came together the end of a good book! Just smashed 20 miles on the Serpentine 8, Thank you very much!!

That’s fantastic, glad to hear that it all paired up!