Guide to Getting Useful Support

Hi all,

Just to clarify first - I’m not Zwift Support, or one of the moderators of this forum. Just a regular user like the rest of you. However in these circumstances where loads more people are using Zwift for the first time, and there are regular updates to the game (which can bring new bugs) there are obviously a lot more support requests than normal. Many of them can be resolved by the community, without having to contact Zwift Support.

However it is vital that you do some things before posting your issue. Often steps 1-5 will resolve it and you won’t need to go any further.

  1. Update your version of Zwift. On PC and Mac this is done automatically when you launch the game. On all other platforms, go to the App/Play Store and check for an update manually - don’t rely on an automatic update which could be delayed.
  2. Update your version of the Companion App. Go to the App/Play Store and check for an update manually - don’t rely on an automatic update which could be delayed.
  3. Check these forums for new and ongoing reports of others having the same problem, particularly in the What’s New, Known Issues and Bugs and Support boards. You don’t need create a new thread if there already is one in active use.
  4. Check the Zwift Status page to see if there’s a wider problem for everyone.
  5. If you’re Zwifting on Apple TV, iPhone or iPad, please be patient. Updates and bugfixes take longer to be released via Apple’s App Store than all the other platforms.
  6. Collate information on your setup including what version of Zwift and the Companion App you are using.

Once you’ve done those things, you should look to include the following information with your post:

  • The platform you are Zwifting on - PC, Mac, Android, Apple TV or iOS.
  • The operating system you are using - for example Windows 10, macOS Catalina, iOS 13, Android 11 etc.
  • The version of Zwift you are using (usually 1.0.xxxxx) - this can be found at the bottom right of the login screen.
  • If necessary, the version of the Companion App you are using - this can be found by going to ‘Settings’ -> ‘About’ in the app.
  • Your location, if the issue could be related to your internet connection.
  • What trainer you’re using, including how it is connected to your system (Bluetooth or ANT+). Remember that there could be a firmware update that fixes your problem, so check your trainer manufacturer’s website for instructions on how to do this. Again, being up to date is important.

By confirming you are all up to date and then giving key information about your Zwift setup, everyone will be able to help each other better.

Good example :white_check_mark:
I’m on Apple TV and version 1.0.49617. This morning I cannot log into the game, even though the status page says everything is okay. The rest of my internet access is fine. I’m in Germany. Has anyone else noticed this problem?

Bad example :x:
Zwift does not work any more, I cannot do my workout and I’m angry. Please fix this now!



Great post! People should have to tick off that they’ve done all these things before being able to post a new report. :smiley:


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The post is for getting good support on the forums.