Garmin HRM no signal..!

My Bluetooth Garmin HRM has been working fine with Zwift for weeks but now connects with my iPhone 11 pro only to immediately inform me “no signal” and failing to produce heart rate readings.

Any ideas why?

same here! Can’t solve it…

Same here

I’ve got the same issue

Same here! Brand new HRM Dual, used once, still connects to phone and watch just not in zwift.

Same here. Have you found a solution?

I have the same issue. HRM is detected on Apple Mac and works fine but as soon as I try it on my iPhone 11it will not with a message on no signal. Any ideas Zwift?

I’m getting this too. Wahoo Kickr is reporting a bad cadence, so I’m using my bike cadence sensor. This puts me over the limit of devices on my AppleTV. So I use the companion app. I can then pair the Kickr, cadence sensor, and HRM. But I get “no signal”. If I forgo the cadence sensor and just use the AppleTV, my HRM works.