Issue connecting HRM

I’m having an issue connecting my Garmin HRM dual when using IPAD mini 5. Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.

Hi @Dev_Gurung and welcome to the forums! I’ve been having trouble with my Garmin dual HRM since the update at the end of October. Here is a thread with lots of suggestions Hopefully something here will help, and if you find a solution, please do post it as nothing has worked for me yet. Good luck!

If your HRM is connected to your Garmin/Wahoo/etc., head unit, is it connected via ANT+ or Bluetooth? If the latter, that is why you can’t connect it to your iPad. The iPad is Bluetooth only. If you want to dual record your ride, then make sure you pair to your head unit via ANT+. I would recommend removing the HRM from the Bluetooth pairings of the head unit to be sure it is not grabbing the HRM connection.

Did you try pairing the HRM in your iPad Bluetooth settings? If so, remove it. You do not need to pair the HRM to your iPad. You only need to pair it w/Zwift on the pairing screen.

One last thing to double check is Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth
Make sure Bluetooth is enabled for Zwift.

Hi! Beth. Thank you for sharing info about possible solution to fix the issue of connecting Garmin Dual HRM to IPad Mini.

I tired most of those suggestion from the thread (Factory re-setting IPhone 8 and IPad4 Mini, WIFI Router speed setting etc) but none worked. I then tried connecting to Zwift from IPhone 8 and guess what, HRM sensor connects with BPM reading. I’m now using my IPad Mini to connect Zwift Companion.

I haven’t done any workout yet but will update this forum once I have completed my next work out.

My IPone8 and IPad Mini 4 are both running on iOS 14.3.



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Hi! Lin.

Thank you very much for your tips.

I do not have ANT+head units. I use IPad Mini4 connect on Zwift apps and my IPhone 8 to connect to Zift Companion apps.

I tried your other suggestions but unfortunately it didn’t work. However I have found a temporary solution for now by chance, I am able to connect to all sensors (Garmin Dual HRM, Cadence and speed sensor) when using my IPhone 8. I’m using IPad to connect to Zwift Companion apps. I hope this setup will not be effected by the future software updates.:crossed_fingers:

Thank you.