How to connect a Garmin Ceinture Cardio HRM-Dual to swift


i have a garmin edge explorer 820 with a Garmin Ceinture Cardio HRM-Dual.
I would like to connect this ceinture with application zwift.
must i buy a adapateur dongle like this ?

Thanks for your reponse

What are you using for Zwift? If you don’t already have ANT+ it means you’re already using Bluetooth? The HRM-Dual works with Bluetooth.

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Hello @Gaetan_Chauvin welcome to Zwift forum.
I work at Zwift HQ, and see that you are using a Tacx Flux trainer in-game connected to a Windows computer.

It appears that the trainer is successfully connecting using Bluetooth, yes? The Garmin HRM-Dual broadcasts in both Bluetooth and ANT+, so it should be able to connect to your laptop without a dongle.

If you must use ANT+ to connect the Garmin Dual HRM, you can use the Zwift Companion app on your iPhone plus a bridge like the NPE CABLE device. I am personally not familiar with the CooSpo dongle, but many members here use the NPE CABLE succesfully.

We have a support article with an overview of ANT+ vs. Bluetooth for different computers and smartphones. If you are a French speaker, the entire Support site is available in French:

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I think and ANT+ dongle will be cheaper and it wont introduce another device in the mix.

From personal experience ANT+ is much more stable than bluetooth, especially with all the bluetooth devices around the house.


i use à tacx t2900 but it’s impossible to use my garmin cardio … zwift look it but it don’t find.


the link does not work.

I think i buy this dongle … cheaper than npe cable.

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I m agree :slight_smile: