Garmin HRM-DUAL & Android smartphone

Is it me or the Zwift Android app simply doesn’t recognize Garmins latest Dual HRM (Blueetooth+ANT)?
I tried Strava app (worked), Bluetooth discovery on the phone (worked), but Zwift doesn’t.
The amount of frustration with this software is growing everyday. FFS.

Anything? I bought a Garmin unit and I can’t use my HRM-DUAL with Zwift. :frowning:
I really didn’t want to spend money on an extra Decathlon HRM band thats probably compatible

Same for me. Garmin hrm dual works via bluetooth with every Android app… But not with zwift. Si it seems thé zwift Android app is the problem… Annoying

For Android devices with the lasest Zwift update you can use ANT+: ANT+ Heart Rate Monitors

You need to go into the android bluetooth settings and Forget the Bluetooth HR sensor, then only pair using Zwift. Bluetooth can only pair to one app at a time.

Thanks a lot it finally worked ! And since today ANT+ seems to be supported on the Android app…

Have a Garmin Dual HR monitor over two months, connected by bluetooth with zwift. Never any issue. Using both android phone and iOS.