Can't connect Garmin HRM to Zwift

Hi there,

I’m new to Zwift and have the following setup:
Cycleops Hammer
Zwift installed on Pixel 3XL
Garmin HRM (regular, not dual).

Everything works like a charm but the HRM doesn’t show up in the Zwift app. Have tried a number of different solutions that I saw online to no avail.
Could anyone please help? Thank you.

Hi @Fazal_Ashfaq

Welcome to the forum.

Garmin send data over ANT+ most phones does not support ANT+. There is ant+ apps that you can try to install.

Just search the forum there are some good detail on how to do that.


Hello @Fazal_Ashfaq welcome to Zwift forums.

As Gerrie noted, most of Garmin’s heart rate monitors broadcast only in ANT+. This is a problem for anyone running the Zwift game on a device that only “speaks” Bluetoooth natively. Most OS’s only support Bluetooth natively, and require an add-on ANT+ dongle to see Garmin’s HRM’s.

Fortunately for you, many Android devices made in recent years do support ANT+ natively. There may be steps you have to take to fully enable the ANT+ radio. Those steps are covered in our Android game FAQ. Please make sure to read through the section called Recap of ANT+ requirements:


Thanks for posting the link @shooj, I was on my bike so could not find it. :rofl:


Thank you both for the quick response! Will read up and give it a go tomorrow.

So it looks like my Pixel 3 doesn’t support ANT natively so will have to resort to the USB option. Before I buy one, could I request you to confirm that the Anself ANT+ USB stick should work? Thanks for your help!