Garmin ANT+ HR Won't connect

Hi there,

I am running zwift on my Samsung S20 FE (4g). I recently got a garmin HR (ant+ connection) and I cannot get zwift to pick up the monitor. I can see the inbuilt ant+ flashing on the left hand side when I turn on the app but it won’t recognise the devise. The monitor pairs fine with the garmin edge. Can you help?


Does your samsung phone have ant+? If not the hrm will not work…

How is your trainer communicating with your Samsung, BT or ANT+? Please define “monitor”? Is that the Garmin HR monitor?

Hi Oliver… From what I can see online it does have ant+… :thinking:

Hi @Sarah_Gibson1 welcome to Zwift forums.

Please have a look at our Android FAQ thread:ZwiftGame Android FAQ (v.1.0.50775)

Even if your Android has the hardware to use ANT+, you may still have to install several ANT software bits from the Play Store.

Hi there. Zwift is communicating to my trainer by Bluetooth. The monitor is the Garmin HRM ant+.

Oher than insuring that your phone does have ANT+ turned on and you have the app to make ANT+ work try turning OFF your Garmin Edge because it may be grabbing the signal. That is usually a BT issue but worth a try.

Hi Shuji,

I downloaded those various apps as suggested by your post and still no joy. Any other ideas?

Try moistening the two black pads that go against your skin and also the HRM strap must be worn while pairing. Put on the strap first and then open Zwift.

Is there another app that you can run on your phone that will show HR, maybe Garmin Connect? Just to isolate the problem to be with Zwift or with the phone itself.

I just bought a new ANT+ dongle for my pc to receive my broadcasted heart rate. I finally figured out that I couldn’t pedal my trainer before getting my heart rate paired with Zwift. I think this because ANT+ can only pair with one item at a time. Then after I have the heart rate paired, I pedal my trainer and connect everything else via bluetooth.

Actually ANT+ (2nd gen) can connect to 8 devices at the same time while Bluetooth is 1:1. Zwift should be able to grab your HR and your trainer all on ANT+.

Awesome, I appreciate the correction. New to all the tech and didn’t remember correctly.

Hi, I’m having this same issue. Samsung S20 FE and my Garmin Ant+ HRM won’t connect. Works fine on my old Samsung S8.

I am not sure if S20 FE has built-in ANT+ (there seem to be more versions in different countries and for different providers).

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE does not have ANT+ hardware. In order to add ANT+ support, you’d need to get a USB ANT+ stick with a converter to plug it into the phone, then install the ANT+ USB plugins (along with the other ANT+ plugins required).

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