Android ant + garmin hr

I have an android smartphone and I would like to know whether I can connect my phone to my Garmin HR monitor and to zwift.
I have a Elite Direto trainer.

Via Bluetooth…should be no problem. A couple of Android phones have Ant+ but unless you know your phone supports it, probably no luck that protocol.

You don’t say what sort of Garmin HR you have, but it may well only support ANT+ and not BT.

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As Steve says you will have to provide more info.

If using zwift from the same android device, surely it will support Bluetooth BLE and maybe ANT+. So if you HR sensor supports one or both of this transmision methods (matching your android device) it will work.

If you are using Zwift on a PC, and Zwift Companion on your android device then you are only allowed to broadcast bluetooth data. This method is not supported for ANT+, It won´t work if your sensor only works with ANT+.

For example my Android phone supports ANT+ but for only Zwift Companion is available con Playstore. No Zwift for it so no way I can ride indoors with my garmin ANT+ sensors.

I have a Garmin HR monitor strap that I bought 3 years ago I think. My phone is Honor View 20.
Last time I used my phone with the zwift app, it didn’t seem to detect the Garmin strap.

That HRM will only support ANT+ not BT, and unfortunately your phone will be the opposite.

I suggest you get a new HRM (e.g. Wahoo TICKR) that supports both ANT+ and BT.