Zwift not finding my Garmin HRM-Run

Hi - I’ve tried searching for the answer to this but no luck, so hoping you can help.

I’ve got a One Plus 6 and although Zwift is connecting to my Elite Qubo turbo, it’s not picking up my Garmin HRM-Run (I’m an injured runner turning into an indoor cyclist… )

The HRM is connecting to my watch as it always has done, so I don’t think the hrm is the issue (and yes, I’ve tried turning my watch off to break the connection and tried again to connect with Zwift).

Am I doing something wrong? Should the hrm-run work with Zwift running on Android?


I’ve found the same, the hrm run doesn’t show up as an option. No idea why. I’ve tried connecting the hrm run to my watch (945) and selecting that in Zwift (it shows the watch as available for hr) as a work around but it doesn’t show in the game, even though it says connected. Still records hr in Garmin Connect.
I tried this way because it works on the treadmill by selecting virtual run on the watch. I’m guessing we’d need virtual ride for it to work on the bike?

After digging a bit deeper it seems both the Garmin hrm run and hrm tri are Ant+ only. My tablet would need an ant+ USB dongle, that might be the case with your phone.


I was pretty sure that my OnePlus6 has ant+ capability, and it does, but it was turned off.

I downloaded the ‘Ant+ Tester’ app and was able to turn the firmware on from there. Possibly need to install the ‘ANT+ Plugins’ app too, but I’m not totally sure because I’ve confused myself slightly going round the houses on this.

Kevin, it might be the same for your tablet too!

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My tablet needs an ant+dongle unfortunately, Tom. They’re cheap enough though so I’ve ordered one. It’s not a game breaker as I only generally use the turbo once a week, and the Garmin works fine on the treadmill. Be nice not having to wear two on the bike though :wink:

Guys, what does the tablet has to do with connecting the sensors ?

I just got a new smart trainer to use Zwift and none of my sensors are connecting. Garmin Tri HRM and Cadence sensor.

This is very frustrating as this are things that should automatically function. But I see lots of comment about the iPad or iOS. What does this has to do with the connectivity ?


Depending on the age of your sensors they may only broadcast in ANT+. Newer sensors are usually dual broadcast (Bluetooth and ANT+).

Apple products do not have ANT+ capabilities so unless your sensors broadcast in Bluetooth you can’t connect them to an iPhone, iPad, or AppleTV.

Not familiar with Android, but IIRC some models have the ability to use ANT+

Hi - I am looking for some advice on this as well. I have the new HRM Run which should be Bluetooth compatible (works with non-Zwiftn apps so pretty confident). I am running a MacBook and a Wahoo KickR but can’t get the HRM to connect to it at all/ tried switching all other Bluetooth devices off (except the KickR).

Any help please. As I am finding my welding having to do a general cardio workout on watch just to have some record of heart rate.



Hi Derek - I don’t know about macbooks or the kickr but the HRM Run has ANT+ - but not Bluetooth.

As @Tom_Moriarty mentioned I am pretty sure the Garmin HRM Run is ANT+ only. IIRC the only Garmin heart rate monitors that offer Bluetooth are the HRM-Dual and HRM-Pro (which was just released).

You can buy an ANT+ dongle for about $10-$20 on Amazon that you can plug in to your computer and it will let you use the HRM-Run you have currently.