Garmin Dual HRM issues Feb 2021

Hi Zwift

The Garmin Dual HRM does not work on Bluetooth or ANT + on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on your Zwift app – Only giving 72 BPM readings or dropping out altogether.

HRM has had new batteries issues are still happening using mobile device.

The phone is running the latest versions of software for Android in the Australian region of

Android 10

One UI Version 2.5

Has all the ANT+ capabilities that work with any other app on the phone eg, Strava and on my Garmin Edge 510 with zero issues

The app has been uninstalled reinstalled on both Samsung Device and the Computer, yet the HRM drops out or reads 72 BPM when using mobile device.

The ANT+ works on my computer – which isn’t ideal as I can’t change anything during the ride connected the computer as I can with the Zwift app running through my mobile attached to a mount on the handlebars.

Processor -Intel® Core™ i5-4590T CPU @ 2.00GHz 2.00 GHz

Installed RAM - 8.00 GB (7.89 GB usable)

System Type - 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Windows Edition - Windows 10 Pro

Windows Version – 20H2

OS Build - 19042.789

Why will Zwift not work on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which isn’t an old smartphone by any stretch of the imagination, when the HRM communicates to all other devices I have Zwift is the only one that doesn’t work with the HRM.

For something I am paying for it is an extremely poor piece of software to say the least. If I had a power meter, I would probably be on RGT as there is nowhere near the amount of software glitches on their platform.

Zwift gives 2 options for the HRM

HRM-Dual:426965 191 on Bluetooth

HR Strap on ANT+

My current set up is

JetBlack z1-Pro Fluid Indoor Trainer

Garmin Dual HRM Bluetooth and ANT+

Garmin Speed/Cadence Sensor GSC10 - ANT+

Also being in Australia why does the Asia Pacific region automatically translate into Japanese and show the Japanese flag when there are multiple nations as part of the APAC region.

If we have to keep changing the language from Japanese all the time Zwift should be able to add the oceanic region for Australia New Zealand and the Pacific nations using the app.

There are a lot of threads on the Garmin Dual HRM not working on Android devices, but very few actual fixes for this.

Can we expect a fix on these in the near future considering it isn’t a free app and by paying for a service one would expect the said service to deliver all the reliable data on the app with HRM BPM being an indicator most riders would like to be able to reliably track through the app.

Any solutions that actually work would be greatly appreciated.



Maybe verify you’re running the latest version of Zwift. Do not pair the HRM to your phone via Bluetooth. If you did, remove it. You only need pair it in Zwift. Lastly, if using Bluetooth, make sure any other apps are completely closed/force quit before you start Zwift. As for ANT+, you might try turning it off and back on in the phone settings.

What do you want to change while you’re riding? Make all your setup choices before you ride, start teh ride, and get on your bike. Zwift run on your computer and the Companion app runs on your phone. This is a very typical setup. Personally, I would prefer running Zwift on Windows vs Android since the latter is much less mature, not to mention the size of a computer screen vs a cell phone screen.

That is only on the Zwift website. Change your setting to World/English or USA/English. In the Companion app settings, edit your profile to display the Australian flag.