Garmin 530 Dual HRM

Hi, I’ve recently bought the Dual HRM everything was fine but on my last two rides my heart rate has stayed at 0 despite the HRM being connected

The heart rate is still showing on the Garmin just not on Zwift despite the HRM connecting. Has this happened to anyone? Any suggestions? I’ve unpaired and repaired the HRM but to no avail.


I had some similar issues when my HRM thought it should be sending it’s signal to my phone/gps unit. Might be worth ensuring that they are fully turned off and starting a ride to see if that could be the issue.


Yes. I connect all my devices through Bluetooth.
I used a Garmin Dual HRM via bluetooth for a while but it was spotty and would show connected with no output, or connected then disconnect etc. After a while I bought a Wahoo Tickr and following the June Zwift update I have had great success. I did try the Garmin HRM Dual again but it was hit or miss again.
My suggestions are limited to the standard reset, remove, reload update… all the standard generic IT fixes. Wish I could offer more.
Good luck.
Jimmie Will.

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Brilliant! Thanks Jimmie; greatly appreciated

Thanks Paul! Will give it a try

Weird, I was completely the opposite, bought a Wahoo tickr for Zwift as I only had an ant+ Garmin originally. The tickr was very temperamental, some days perfect, some days nothing. So I bought a Garmin dual band and haven’t looked back. It has been great for about a year.

This could be the issue