Garmin Dual HRM not displaying Heart Rate in Zwift

Hi all,

All of a sudden my Garmin dual HRM has stopped displaying the heart rate in Zwift. It is connecting and been recognised by the app but just not displaying the data. It is still functioning fine with my Garmin watch, I have tried unpairing it and repairing it and also removing it from all my other devices but with no joy. Up until this week it’s worked perfectly. Any ideas?

Please tell us more about your setup. There are many places where the issue could be coming from. What are your running Zwift on for example - a PC, Mac, Apple TV, phone, etc., what connection protocol - ANT+ or Bluetooth, are you running the Companion App, etc… The more you provide, the better folks here can help. See this forum topic for guidance on the information that helps the forum users help you: Guide to Getting Useful Support

I am currently using a wahoo kickr v5 linked to the Zwift app running on my iPhone SE 2020 via Bluetooth but connecting it via the app and not the phone. I have Zwift companion running on my phone as well. HRM is a Garmin Dual.

@Joe, I’m not an Apple guy so I’m probably not knowledgeable enough to give much advise. Hopefully there are some Apple folks that will chime in here.

I don’t know the iPhones to know if they have ANT+ on them. The only thought I can offer with my lack of Apple knowledge would be: If they do, try connecting via ANT+ and see if that resolves the issue.

There’s no ANT+ on iPhone or iPad.

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