ANT+ Heart Rate Monitors

Hello Android Zwifters,

We’ve heard many customers ask for ANT+ support, and I’m happy to announce limited ANT+ support is finally here!

We now support ANT+ HRMs in release 1.0.43784

To enable ANT+ , tap the new ANT icon in the Pairing Screen.
Once you’ve done that it should look like this:

Unless you have a phone or tablet with Built-in ANT+ support, you will need:

  1. a USB ANT dongle
  2. three ANT service apps from Play Store.
  • ANT USB Service
  • ANT+ Plugin Manager
  • ANT Radio Service


The game should prompt you for any missing components, and provide a quick in-game link to the Play Store.

For those devices that need a dongle, and USB service app, you may need to grant permission for the service to use the dongle, by acknowledging a system message. Screenshot below:

We will support more ANT+ devices in the coming weeks.

If you are having problems, please try leaving the Pairing Screen (via “Skip”), then re-opening it. That will trigger a rescan of Ant devices, and re-evaluate any missing components.

Please email us at if you encounter problems using your ANT+ HRMs, and thank you for the continued support!

Ride On,
Will Botti
Team Zwift

why just heart rate monitors? what about cadence sensors, power meters etc?

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Hi Chris,

We will be supporting additional sensors very soon. I updated the post.
We started with HRMs to help suss out any general ANT+ issues our customers might encounter.
Thanks for the question and supporting Zwift Android!


great - thanks for the reply

i’ll be sure to test the ant+ HR tomorrow

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ant+ heart rate monitor paired fine today - so gets a thumbs up from me


already tested with usb-otg ant+ dongle and Fenix 6 HR Broadcast - works like a charm - thanks Zwift for another big milestone


It’s not working on my Samsung note10+ with a garmin hrm tri

Hi Jochen,

If it’s still not working, could you email with the details?
We are keen to resolve this.
Thank you,

Nice update!
I’ve tested in a Galaxy S9+.
Working good in phone and DEX mode.
Waiting the support for other ANT+ devices.


I tested two dual HRM monitors, with BLE and ANT+. Both worked only with BLE. The ANT+ only devices all worked good. All tested in S9+.

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Thanks Marcelo for the feedback - super helpful!

Tried it with a USB C OTG connected to an anself ANT+ 2.0 usb A stick on Pixel 3a. Found my garmin soft HRM fine. Spent quite a bit of time trying to find my cadence/speed before I found this post. Not obvious at all unless you read these forums that there is missing functionality. Looking forward to speed and cadence to make the app actually usable for us ANT+ people.

A common problem people may run into; the orientation of the USB C OTG seems to matter, as rotating it 180 degrees will not allow it to find my HRM, while having it oriented the opposite will work.

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Works well for me, except I had to do something like this :

to get the proper permissions to the ant radio service

PS: That’s not specific to nokia, i am using a Oneplus7 plus donger/key,
PS2: and for info the op7 as a builtin ANT chipset but unfortunately no firmware for it :frowning:


I just hoped dearly we can have footpod added soon, since the BT zwift runpod is simply super sh*** and others are crazy expensive (ie stryd)

Tested on Galaxy A50 with Garmin HR ANT+ strap and it’s working perfectly :slight_smile: even in combination with BLE/ANT+ speed/cadence sensor :slight_smile:


HR worked on my S10e but having just signed up to zwift I’ll have to cancel if cadence and speed don’t join the party very soon. I’m only able to use zwift on my S10e because I have a chromebook for a laptop (not supported) and I can’t put my trainer in the office with my desktop.

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Will the connected ant+ devices become visible in the Companion App (Android), currently I do not see under Settings the choice Connected Devices, nor an option to connect to a ANT+ device. It’s handy if connection between ANT+ devices and Apple tv by the Companion App


Our Android devs are working on Bike power, bike cadence, and Run speed support over ANT+
When that’s launched initially, it will roll out as beta due to the complexity of the Android hardware ecosystem.

Allow me to moderate expectations that not every every trainer, cadence sensor nor run pod will be supported during the beta over ANT+, nor every piece of Android hardware for that matter.

Over the years, Zwift broadened OS support for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and AppleTV devices, and we thank you in advance for your patience while we break down the complex elephant of the Android ecosystem into manageable chunks. We’ll get there, just not overnight.


Thank you; I’ve cancelled my subscription and will wait patiently on my turbo listening to music & looking at the wall. I’m sure your clever team will sort it eventually.

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