ANT+ Update

Hello Android Zwifters,

As of release 44401, we have added support for more ANT+ devices.

Update: Release 45663 now has ANT+ support for speed/cadence sensors.

Update: 44414 has fix for Android 10
Customers on Galaxy S10 variants, or Note 10 will now have ANT+ functionality.


  • Bike Cadence
  • Bike Powermeter (includes Cadence if device broadcasts it)
  • Bike Speed/Cadence sensors
  • Bike Speed-only sensors
  • HRM
  • Footpod


  • FEC (controllable) trainers

As for future plans, we are considering FEC support.
We encourage feedback so we can measure demand against the investment needed.

Please refer to the original ANT+ post for general connection details.

Let us know any issues with supported devices, and thanks to everyone riding Zwift Android!
-Team Zwift

Great update. I can now stop using Stryd and go back to my Garmin foot pods.

Strange I am on 1.0.43801 and it seems to have ANT+ FEC trainer support. Hopefully you guys haven’t removed this!!!


Welcome Richard to our Zwift Android Forum area!

Are you running Zwift on Android?
This announcement was intended for our Android community.
We didn’t remove anything though, on android or other platforms.

Why would you do that???

STABILITY ALERT for Samsung Galaxy S10 (all variants) and Note 10 on Android 10:
Enabling ANT+ will cause an immediate crash in the pairing screen.

The problem is in a third party lib. We have notified the vendor, and are working on a solution.

UPDATE We have a fix pending and we’ll be releasing that soon.

The sad news is these devices (and likely other devices running Android 10) won’t have any ANT+ functionality until we get an updated library from Garmin.
We expect that in a few weeks, but need to confirm the timeline.
The current library is 4 years old, and fails on Android 10 due to a newly enforced security policy.

Thanks for your patience as we sort this out.


Yeah been able to pair with ant+ on android Samsung s10e since start of December. Pairing with ant+ as the bluetooth seems very flaky, it takes ages for the devices to show up on bluetooth/flatout won’t work but ant+ has been working for my controllable trainers. Technogyn skill bike (at the gym) and elite drivo. The drivo is useless when paired with bluetooth as the gradient gets set to low and I end up spinning out, but this is a known zwift/elite issue.

So very worried you are now saying FEC is now unsupported.

I’m one of those people that Stryd doesn’t work correctly for, probably due to my running style. Of course Stryd support says it’s my fault but I’ve ran enough miles on the treadmill to know. (Last year’s Norseman run was 14K and I ran it in 2 hours on Zwift. It should’ve been 1.5 hours.)

Great stuff, have paired my Garmin HRM with OnePlus 7 Pro and works perfectly.

I do notice that after I end a ride or do anything that returns me to the main screen it says no signal on the HRM and I have to re-pair it each time - not a major issue; more of an minor bug.

Thanks for adding the functionality :+1:t3:

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Harry, that’s great to hear, and you’re welcome!
I’ve noted the bug.
On Android, every time you enter the pairing screen, it re-scans for ANT+ devices (unlike BLE, which scans periodically in the background.)
Thanks for the feedback.

YESSSSSS! Thank you so so much for adding this! :+1::+1: I’ve been wanting to use my Garmin foot pod with Android zwift for so long.

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Hello All.

I have a smasung A5 with Ant+, and I am using a hrm band of garmin and a favero assioma as powermeter and my zwift app doesnt find neither.
I have checked with an app ant+ Demo and works properly and detect both of them.
Do you have any solution for this issue?

Hi. In the previous version I was able to connect my Sigma R1 Duo via ANT - great!
With the most recent update on 1.0.44401 it stopped working. I can connect the device but it always says “no signal”.
Any ideas how to fix this?

I am using the Galaxy S10e. Do this update and leave a review. If you press the button that enables ANT past the login screen and press Yes on the selection screen, Zwift is forced to end. Reinstallation is the same symptom. Language is the same symptom in English. I hope it’s fixed.

Hi Eric!
Love the enthusiasm. Posts like this are inspiring for our team, so thank you for that, and for riding Android.
Let me know how the Garmin foot pod works out.
The ANT+ feature is still in Beta, so we are especially keen to get feedback on what is not working, what we can improve on, and so forth.
Ride On!

Hi Dong, we have found the root cause of the issue, and have a fix pending to address the crash. We’ll be releasing that soon.
The bad news is that S10 (all variants), and the Galaxy Note 10, will not have ANT+ functional until we get an updated library from Garmin.
Thanks for the feedback, and your patience as we sort this out.

Hello again Dong,
Update with the crash fix is now available in the Play Store.
Please note however, that if you are running Android 10, you won’t be able to use ANT+.
It’s a Garmin library issue and affects all apps (not just zwift) using ANT+, on Android 10.

Can you please explain why there is no and seemingly will not be FEC support?
The lack of controllable trainer renders it a bit useless for cyclists on smart trainer I think?
Does controllable always mean FEC?
I read that trainer can be controlled but without using FEC?

Despite the update, the Android Zwift app is still not picking up my heart rate being broadcast from my Garmin Fenix 5s. I updated the app to the latest and activated the Ant+. Is this a known issue with Garmin Fenix and Zwift?

Thank you for your feedback and continued expansion of Zwift’s support!

I can’t seem to find the answer to this elsewhere but I am using a OnePlus 7pro without any onscreen navigation buttons. In other words all navigation is done using gestures. Exiting zwift for Android is nearly impossible.

Also was the reasoning to not implement FEC because most of not all trainers support BT ? Because adding in the support using Garmin’s libs is not that much more work…