Zwift app Ant+ on e.g. S8


Does the Zwift app support Ant+ on devices which have this capability e.g. S8 ? Otherwise I guess I need to purchase Bluetooth HRM and Cadence.

Many thanks 


Hey John, Zwift on Android does not currently support ANT + although you may have some devices that could work with the protocol. Nothing is guaranteed however.

You can keep tabs on known issues with the Zwift Beta by following this sticky post:

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Hi. Appreciate this is still beta, but when will ANT+ be implemented? (that links doesn’t work). I have an S8 as well, and it would be great to use my phone on the hotel treadmill whilst away instead of trying to balance my Surface Pro 4 on the treadmill. An Ant+ demo app can connect to and read my heart rate from my ant+ Garmin HRM Tri strap. My Garmin Ant+ footpod arrives tomorrow :slight_smile:


Sadly I’m sitting here with my new OTG cable plugged in to my phone with an ant+ stick, hrm strap, and foot pod, but no where to go. Hopefully the ant+ connection will be available soon for Android. It would make working out on business trips much more enjoyable!


Agreed - I am looking forward to Ant + capability, and curious when this is likely to be built into the android app. The graphics on Zwift beta for android look great using my Samsung galaxy s8, but unfortunately I can only watch others ride. My garmin speed/cadence sensor only broadcasts in Ant + only (not bluetooth). I am hopeful Ant + is added soon (at least for devices already known to function well in beta testing).

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Not tried it myself so can’t comment on how good or bad it is but something like this might work?

Thanks much. I might invest. This is what one reviewer (with a common problem) had to say . . .

CABLE works flawlessly and I love it

Posted by Daniel Macioce on 11th Sep 2018

The sensors on all of my bikes are ANT+, and I have often wished that there was a way to connect my sensors to apps on my phone. CABLE solves this flawlessly. I can eve use CABLE to complete virtual rides using the Zwift app on my Apple TV! I am very satisfied with it and highly recommend this device.

I think the CABLE is only iOS compatible:

Another option is the 4iiii HRM for bridging ANT+ to the phone.

I see that now . . . this is from the CABLE-NPE website:
“CABLEConfig is not available for MAC or Android devices.”

I was planning to buy a Stages power meter anyway, and placed an order yesterday. Stages broadcasts signals simultaneously in Ant + and Bluetooth so hopefully it solves the problem. Once I get it up and running I will share how well it works with the Zwift android app.

sorry - I hadn’t spotted that - there may be similar available for android

Just got zwift for Android. Honestly I don’t understand why zwift would be released for mobile with out ANT+.

My smart trainer has both Bluetooth and Ant+ but my HR and cadence only work in ant.

It took 2-3 years for the Andriod port and it’s still not functional with 90% of trainers . I love the program but assume they have like 2 programmers if that. How about instead of new maps which mean nothing have the app work with the largest player base. It’s so strange.


1+ for Ant+ support on Android, I’m searching everywhere for a way to connect my Garmin footpod to use Zwift run in the hotels. I use a pc and ride at home but a pc in the hotel gym isn’t really an option.


Have you looked at the 4iiii HRM to bridge ANT+ to BLE: Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor – 4iiii Shop - USA/World

I also would like to see an ant+ support! I would like to use it with my vector 2 pedals. Regards Rickard

You know what… Why do I pay the same as an apple user and get second class service … We should get a discount for the lack of serious support. Sort this soon please.


I have just kindly been given a 3 month subscription for Christmas. Im on android but cannot connect any Garmin ant+ to the app on my s8 mobile. My fire tablet isn’t comparable with the app.
I can connect a Wahoo speed sensor(the girlfriend’s) however all my other devices I have are Garmin and I don’t want to spend lots of ££££££ changing everything I have just for the app.
Is there any way of connecting Garmin ant+ sensors to the zwift app.
Any help and advice is appreciated

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@Graham_Johnson your best bet for getting your ant+ devices paired to your android mobile for zwift would be with the use of the 4iiii Viiiiva heart rate monitor, which includes an ant+ to bluetooth bridge. There is also the NPE CABLE ant+ bridge, but its configuration app is available only on ios mobile devices.

If you happen to have a windows machine that will run zwift you could pair your ant+ devices with the use of an ant+ dongle.

I bought a wahoo bluetooth cadence and HRM in the end. I use a usb to hdmi adaptor to get the picture on the television.

I’d like to add my support to the request to add ANT+ support to the Android beta


+1 for ANT+ support on Android. Not buying any new hardware when the only missing thing is a script.