Zwift app Ant+ on e.g. S8

(Tia Dillman (Sltc)) #21

I would also like ant+ support as I have a Garmin HRM.

(Jarbas Almeida) #22

+1 Absolutly insane that zwift does Not support ant+ on Android

(Yann Revel) #23

+1 pour la prise en charge ANT+ sur android

(Lp Gauthier) #24

Any updates?

(Dominique Louis ZHR(D)🏊🏻🚴🏼🏃🏼) #25

I’d also like ANT+ support! It’s this only piece that is marring my Zwift Experience when using my Android device.
It also means when I do races, my results don’t count as my HR info isn’t logged (my HRM is ANT+ only) so I get DQed for not supplying HR data!!
Is the Android app still actively being worked on??

(Chris Guella) #26

Without ANT support it makes little sense to be on Android. All of the ANT+ accessories from Garmin and other suppliers. There are ANT radios in a lot of Android devices and you need to use them. Just because CrApple doesn’t have them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The app is not very useful if only Bluetooth and Samsung 8. 9 and 10 series all have ANT radios and are very useful.

(Chris Guella) #27

Actually, if you look on this website link below you can see the hundreds of Android phones with ANT radios and then you look at the cycling community ALL have Garmin / ANT+ accessories - it just makes sense to add ANT support to the Zwift Android app. It’s just another radio in the device. And ironically, the ANT dongles we had to buy to use Zwift with the computer… Now I need Bluetooth ones for Android Zwift??? Uh no.

(Michelle Candia) #28

I would also like to use my Garmin footpod with the Android app, both in the gym and outside!!

(Ruud Lok) #29

Ant+ on android. Go go go… please develop. Works with other apps perfectly Why not in zwift.